Company history

Walter Hauenstein

Company founded by Walter Hauenstein

The history of the Hauenstein Group dates back to 1954. In that year, Walter Hauenstein, who came from a working-class family, founded the sole proprietorship, which in 1971 was transformed into the public limited company W. Hauenstein Immobilien AG (today Hauenstein Immobilien AG). Since 1971, further businesses in the hotel, gastronomy and health care sectors have been added to the company, which has been owned by Hauenstein Invest AG since 1991.

Peter Hauenstein, Management Board Hauenstein Group

Evolution of the market leader position

In 2004, Peter Hauenstein officially took over the management of the Hauenstein Group. After several years in various functions at Hauenstein Immobilien AG, Daniel Eschmann stood by Peter Hauenstein's side as operational manager from 2009.

Herreney building development, Interlaken

Great things have been created

Various large building projects were completed during this era. Examples include the Fankhausergut in Thun which includes 200 residential units, the 100 unit Sodmatte in Spiez, and the Astraareal in Steffisburg, comprised of over 170 residential units. The Herreney development in Interlaken with 172 units is currently under construction.

Street view Restaurant Burehuus in Thun

Combining modernity and tradition

Hauenstein Immobilien AG also extensively renovated Hohmadpark Thun - a former agricultural estate - which now comprises 300 residential units and a restaurant. The Burehuus restaurant is successfully managed under the «Hauenstein Hotels» umbrella brand and provides a community focal point for the residential development.

Frontal view Deltapark Vitalresort Gwatt

Visions became reality

The Schönberg Clinic has become one of the largest healthcare sector employers in the region. The Deltapark Vitalresort showcase project in Gwatt was planned and realised over many years by Hauenstein Immobilien AG, and is now managed under the «Hauenstein Hotels» umbrella brand. Hauenstein Immobilien AG has also successfully completed a million dollar conversion of the Belvédère Strand Hotel in Spiez.

Andrea Hauenstein, Nathalie Hauenstein, Daniel Eschmann, Management Board Hauenstein Group

The 3rd generation takes over

At the beginning of November 2020, Peter Hauenstein handed over the operation of his business to the new management team consisting of his twin daughters Andrea and Nathalie Hauenstein, and CEO Daniel Eschmann. The group of companies is now managed by the 3rd generation and remains 100% family owned.

Peter Hauenstein, Management Board Hauenstein Group

"I will continue to be available to the current generation and the Executive Board in an advisory capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors and support them with knowledge transfer."

Peter Hauenstein
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hauenstein Group

Directors Hauenstein Hotels

Fit for the future

The family and company values and philosophy shall continue into the future. The Group will adapt to the changing times and flourish in the digital age. This will be ensured through the diversity of gender, age, and individual specialisations within the managment team.

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