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Hauenstein Immobilien AG is one of four pillars of the Hauenstein Group.
Hauenstein Immobilien AG is considered a leading company for the construction of residential property in the Lake Thun region. In addition, it is known for its excellent price/performance ratio.

In a nutshell

Over 70 years of experience

26 employees

over 7,000 houses

6,999 satisfied customers

What we do

Our main focus is on the construction of residential property and, depending on the location, the occasional commercial premises. We offer fully finished or made-to-measure interior designs which allow clients to make their own individual adjustments. However, we do not build tailor made houses to individual order. Our operations are limited exclusively to the Lake Thun area which enables us to closely monitor projects and guarantee their success.

The Hauenstein Immobilien AG Real Estate division also has a large property portfolio in the region - including 61 apartments in Thun designed especially for the elderly.

Hauenstein Immobilien AG also acts as the Management Office headquarters for the entire Group. Centralised responsibilities such as marketing, finance, IT, administration and technical services are performed by the Hauenstein Real Estate division.

Frontal view of the new building

New building projects

We manage the project development and sale of plots within a 45-minute radius of our headquarters in Gunten. More information can be found on the Hauenstein Immobilien AG website or in our newsletter.

Daniel Eschmann Managing Director of Hauenstein Immobilien AG

"A strong family business thrives when values and philosophies are passed down from generation to generation."

Daniel Eschmann
Executive Board, Hauenstein Group

Side view Belvédère Strandhotel Spiez

Hotel projects

Our hotels are renovated, refurbished and extended as part of the ongoing development of our portfolio. The Hauenstein Real Estate division is responsible for the overall project management.

Block of retirement flats

Retirement flats

In 2007, the Hauenstein Real Estate division constructed 61 flats for the elderly in Hohmadpark in Thun. The development provides seniors the opportunity to lead an independent life for as long as they are able.

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